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Verico Technology designed this groundbreaking high-speed processor with the environment in mind specifically for newspaper and commercial printers. Its exclusive water-only technology enables recovery, filtration, recirculation, and heating, offering a clean solution for pre-pressing in chemistry-free waterless offset printing, consistently delivering high-quality results.

Thanks to EcoKleen 100, chemistry-free waterless plates are imaged and washed using only clean water, resulting in press-ready plates.
Chemistry-free plate setup:
– completes the picture of eco-friendly printing
– allows for longer runs per plate
– improves profitability


Four oscillating high-speed brushes made of a particular Polyamide material provide the most efficient and stable washout reproduction.
EcoKleen 100 has robust engineering with powerful motors and resilient gears. Its extremely high-pressure water pumps ensure safe brush humidification to avoid washout errors.

The EcoKleen 100 uses an intelligent water recirculation filter system. The processor consumes up to 0.05 liters of recycled water per plate and is about 120 times more economical than other competing processors that use up to 6 liters of fresh water per plate. Let’s make an example. A newspaper Printer with 3 prepress lines and an annual plate consumption of 180000 panorama plates reduces water consumption from 1,080,00 liters to only 9,000 liters per year.


Zahara® EcoKleen 70 simplifies plate cleaning, reduces costs, and provides exceptional print quality.
  • Easy use and low maintenance
  • Water-saving, sustainable operation
  • Robust engineering, sturdy steel frame, PVC tank
  • Closed system with 80-liter water recycling (no need for external water connection)
  • Equipped with a three-brush system with adjustable pressure and soft touch technology for highly efficient cleaning
  • User-friendly digital control panel for plate count, temperature, brush, and transport speed setting
  • Automatic start with plate reading sensor
  • Plate thickness range: 0.15mm–0.30mm

Zahara® EcoKleen offers chemistry-free solutions to help streamline plate cleaning in the industry. You can image, wash, and then put aside press-ready plates well in advance of mounting them on the press.


The Zahara® EcoKleen 70 series is a fast, easy, and reliable cleaning solution for all Zahara plates. Its robust engineering provides a water-saving and sustainable operation to reduce costs and ensure exceptional quality.
Its compact washer design is for plates with a maximum width of 680mm. It reduces the annual water consumption to nearly zero per plate.


Big tech, small package: advanced innovation in compact form

HD Pro-W is a compact option for both small and medium formats. The HD Pro-W with auto plate loading system is one of the smallest platesetters in its class, but don’t be fooled by its small size! The system boasts high-end technology for outstanding performance.

  • Compact size and footprint
  • Ideal system for imaging Verico Zahara® waterless plates
  • Images other 830nm thermal CTP plates
  • 2540dpi and 5080dpi (optional) resolution
  • Fully automated loading: dual top loading feature offers automated loading of two sizes of plates
  • Optional internal punch system
  • Environmentally-friendly features

The laser system of the HD Pro-W has across numerous systems in the market. Its high resolution and accuracy enhance the imaging quality of Zahara plates. Moreover, the multiple diode system ensures built-in reliability without decreasing productivity when diodes require replacement: the system automatically adjusts for a weak or failed diode. It’s easy to replace diodes, thanks to the simple drop-in design.


The HD Pro-W offers fully automated plate loading with slip sheet removal. Its dual top loading module, featuring two integrated trays, allows for parallel handling of two plate formats, ensuring complete automatic changing. Maximum register accuracy decreases press make-ready times, thus minimizing waste. Furthermore, the HD Pro-W leads its class in energy efficiency and produces the smallest amount of heat.



Various types of tables and plate conveyors • Rugged, adaptable to various needs, with adjustable speeds • Between CTP and plate processor or between plate processor and oven • LGS Conveyor – universal and economic • Uni Conveyor – universal for all equipment, including those from other manufacturers • Easy Conveyor – built-in for Ovit equipment • Corner Conveyor – to rotate the plates 90° • Turner Conveyor – to rotate the plate 180° • T Conveyor – to have two different directions • Inlet table – table built into Sun oven entrance to introduce plates in the processor • Cooling Down Table – table built into Sun oven outlet to cool down plates


Different types of stackers to collect plates • At the outlet of the processor or gumming unit in a line or after an automatic platewasher or even directly after the CTP • Rugged, adaptable to various needs, with adjustable speeds • PPS – with horizontal slide with belts designed to be connected directly after the CTP when the plate processor is not used (eg. for processless plates) • APS – with a sloping slide that can be easily lifted to be adjustable to any height, and to allow easy cleaning and maintenance of the processor and the replacement of recycler water. The vertical part is removable and wheeled and can be used also as plate trolley • MPS – economic model, practical and functional. Compact and with small footprints during transport • S – very sturdy, suitable for large sizes. The vertical part is removable and wheeled and can be used also as plate trolley

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