Explore the efficiency of waterless printing with Verico Zahara Elite Plates

As the exclusive distributor worldwide of waterless Zahara Elite Plates, we bring you a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your printing experience.

Products and applications

Verico label


The Zahara Elite NWL plate is the first waterless chemistry-free printing plate for waterless narrow web label presses. Designed specifically for label print processes in order to achieve the best quality in all kinds of substrates and for the use of UV and LED based ink types, it simplifies your platemaking by replacing processing chemistry with water.

Security Printing

Companies and governments rely on the Zahara Elite XP for security printing to better deter counterfeiting. Alongside high-definition printing and maintaining consistent quality, it minimizes waste in the manufacturing process, including the loss of printing materials. Our plates deliver high resolution and reach up to 300 lines per inch.


Zahara ELITE CD-P/M is the leading waterless and chemistry-free plate for printing on optical disks. Verico's high-end coating technology always provides the finest screening and sharp dots on the polycarbonate plastic substrates.

Verico newspaper


Zahara Newz Elite plates are the only chemistry free plates for newspaper printers with superior reading contrast without the use of coloring agents. The chemistry-free plate setup completes the picture of eco-friendly waterless printing and improves overall profitability, durability and safety during the night shifts.

Luxury books

Zahara Elite XP offers eco-friendly and production efficient benefits while delivering uncompromised exceptional printing quality. This cutting-edge printing solution is the best choice, if you want to produce high-definition books with reduced bleeding and a more realistic reproduction of image data.

Packaging and metal printing

Zahara Elite XP offers waterless printers the most streamlined plate-making solution in the industry. You’ll receive its eco-friendly and production efficiency benefits while delivering uncompromised exceptional print quality to your customers.

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